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Daily Conversation ১টি নিয়ম থেকে একাধিক বাক্য গঠন শিখুন | spoken

 There is no difficulty in দিয়ে ১টি নিয়ম থেকে একাধিক বাক্য গঠন শিখুন:

This video shows how to form more than one sentence from 1 rule. Many of us follow a rule and do not know how to create multiple sentences. If we know, we say it in Bengali, we can't say it in English. As a result, it becomes a problem in our daily conversation. Again, if we want to say Bengali sentences in English, we can't. Since we do not know the rules. Many times we go to the Spoken Center to learn the rules. That's where we learn the rules. We have to spend a lot of money on it. Those who don't have money fall behind in learning or knowing English. Feel yourself neglected. I don't think anything more will happen to me. I am telling them that you can gradually learn in English the sentences that you say in Bengali every day from that video or from our channel. Even today in this video I have shared Bengali and English sentences through 1 rule. You can easily learn to be in this video.

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