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No need to দিয়ে একাধিক বাক্য গঠন শিখুন | spoken | daily conversation

 No need to দিয়ে একাধিক বাক্য গঠন :

There are various times we can use in our daily life in Bangla sentences. But they don't know how to speak English. We are various problems face in our daily life. Do not try to speak English and do not try to learn English from the spoken center or Bangla to English videos on youTube. 

Day after day we fall behind in the light of English teaching. So I have explained in this video how to create multiple sentences by following this rule or how to use no need to of sentences. 

Given below the rules : 

Structure: No need to + verb + extension. 

You can learn from this video. I hope you can easily understand on briefly explained Bangla and English examples.

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