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Dialogue Shopkeeper and Customer ক্রয় - বিক্রয়ে ইংরেজি সংলাপ | spoken

 ক্রয় - বিক্রয়ে ইংরেজি সংলাপঃ 

I don't speak English when buying and selling. I always talk about buying and selling in Bengali. We don't try to speak English. At the time face the problem of buying and selling between shopkeepers and customers. As a result, we cannot earn a lot of money as shopkeepers. And also we cannot properly buy of product from the salesman. Because we cannot talk in English. And salespeople we don't understand. If he can't speak or understand English. ‍ So I have explained in this video how to speak in English shopkeeper and customer. And I have also explained the examples from Bengali to English. Please, you can learn from this video. You don't have to go to the Spoken Center to learn English.

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