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How To Open Rocket Account and Advantage/benefit :

Rules and benefits/Advantages of opening a Rocket account with mobile for free, which is shown in this video. You can easily open a free Rocket account at home with your mobile. There are many who do not know what services are available through DBBL Mobile Banking. That is also shown in this video.

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1/ MÖvnK wbeÜb

2/ bM` UvKv Rgv`vb

3/ bM` UvKv D‡Ëvjb

4/ †KbvKvUvi wej cwi‡kva

5/ BDwUwjwU wej cwi‡kva

6/ ‡eZb/fvZv weZiY

7/ বিদেশ n‡Z †cÖwiZ A_© weZiY

8/ †gvevB‡j ZvrÿwYK e¨v‡jÝ wiPvR©

9/ Znwej ¯’vbvšÍi 

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